Family Self-Sufficiency

Family Self Sufficiency

The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program is a voluntary program available to current Housing Choice Voucher Program participants.

The FSS program offers the opportunity to receive support in the following areas:

• Job training
• Financial education
• Credit repair
• Continuing education
• Pursuing homeownership

Participants who enroll in FSS commit to a 5-year service plan and program contract to work with the FSS Coordinator to develop a goal plan and start on the journey to self-sufficiency. TCAction partners with several agencies to offer services to our participants to help eliminate barriers that are keeping them from achieving their goals.

Aside from working on goals, FSS participants can earn free money! As a participant increases their earned income, their rent portion increases, when this happens the program saves the difference in an escrow savings account each month of the increase. FSS participants do not have access to these savings funds until meeting certain program requirements for partial disbursements or graduation.  This means participants save money while working on goals. Once eligible for graduation from the program, participants can receive whatever is in their escrow account, plus interest! 

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